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The Crossing

These multimedia files are very large and may take some time to download. Videos in avi format can be viewed probably by most browsers, but they are usually very large files. So I opted for the MPEG file format which is smaller but needs Quicktime in order to be viewed.

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344 ko, mpeg



1,43 MO, mpeg

animation of The Crossing

videoclips of Gladiator : Behind the scenes 2

Page 1: video clips of The Crossing

page 3: video clip of A Beautiful Mind

Romper Stomper: Mini video of the Interview with Russell Crowe

videoclips of For the Moment

Rough Magic: Mini video of the interview with Russell Crowe



Soundstage: On a Sunday Morning Sidewalk (Russell Crowe and Kris Kristofferson ), short excerpt (2970ko)
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Video ninemsn graciously provided bu Eno
january 2005 (4900 ko)
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Other Ways of Speaking: Charlie's song (2964 ko)
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Other Ways of Speaking: Swallow my gift (2450 ko):
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Other Ways of Speaking: Folsom Prison Blues (4090 ko):
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Mission beat (2376 ko)
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Gladiator: flight excerpt from track 04 (1200 ko)
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Gladiator: Commodus and Maximus talking in the arena (my name is gladiator) (1111 ko)
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  Master and Commander: The far side of the world: excerpt from track 01 (1881 ko)
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The Silver Stallion: Thora (972 ko)
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The Silver Stallion : pursuit (2912 ko)
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The Silver Stallion:The Beginning (1841 ko)
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The Silver Stallion: taming horses (1991 ko)
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For the Moment: Waltzing Mathilda (874 ko)
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Take this waltz (2080 ko)

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